About Casa Floridian

Casa Floridian is a boutique vacation home rental management company located in Celebration Florida. It grew out of a need and desire to help customers from Viva Orlando – a real estate company run by Milena Valle.

Before and after buying their vacation homes with Viva Orlando, Milena found that many clients were asking for advice for property management companies or if Milena offered property management services herself. From these conversations, Milena knew she had an opportunity to help her clients further. However, she knew she couldn’t do it on her own and still service Viva Orlando’s clients in the way they deserved.
That’s when she turned to Jerry, her husband, and asked him to come on board to lead Casa Floridian. Jerry said yes, and together they make the perfect team to help service their owners and guests. 

They decided to name the company Casa Floridian. While translated in English to mean literally “Florida Home,” Casa Floridian invokes feelings of the bright Florida tropics with a bit of the Latin influence that has been injected into the area. When you stay at a home with Casa Floridian, we want you to know that nuestra casa es su casa. 

Jerry is a master of customer service and details. He keeps track of coding laws, financials, and the small details of owning a property. Milena uses her years in hotel marketing and management to help market her client’s homes. Because Casa Floridian only serves home owners from its sister company Viva Orlando, they are able to offer superior service to meet their client’s needs.

Milena has built on her past eight years of experience in the vacation rental business at Casa Floridian. She applied all the knowledge she gained in that industry to give Casa Floridian’s owners the best return on investment for their vacation home. In addition, Jerry uses his management and excellent customer service experience from his time working at Disney and Booking.com.

While Casa Floridian’s main priority is to care for the homes of their owners, they also want to guarantee their guests have the greatest stay possible while in Orlando. They are able to achieve both because the superior customer service they offer guests ensures the owners of the homes will be able to meet their income goals and happy about their investment.

Casa Floridian was built on the values the Milena and Jerry hold for themselves, that of hard work, integrity, and respect. Those values are their driving force as they service their owners and guests each day. They do this so their guests leave with memories that will last a life time and their owners enjoy the benefits of their investments.